Adventures in Podcasting

How My Love of Star Wars Brought Me to Dex’s Diner

A long time ago in a lifetime far, far away I began writing Star Wars fan fiction for fun. Over time, I realized I wanted – needed, really – to voice my opinions on what was happening in the Star Wars universe and how that related to our own world. That was why last year I decided to create this site as a platform to do so. Additionally, Phil Roberts, co-founder and editor of Future of The Force was gracious enough to allow me to join his creative team.  Yet I still had a nagging itch to do something else…

A couple weeks ago I made a not-so-subtle suggestion on Twitter that I was lightly contemplating getting into podcasting.  Quickly a good friend, Katie, said that she would be completely onboard with starting a podcast.  Considering Katie specializes in sound editing and is a hardcore Star Wars fan, it seemed perfect.  Initially we were thinking about just having a show featuring the two of us.  Then along came Joe.

Joe is a graphic designer from New Jersey who brings with him that distinct Jersey personality.  Unfiltered and unapologetically honest.  More importantly Joe is also passionately passionate about all things Star Wars.  We knew without a doubt we had the perfect ingredients to deliver a kickass Star Wars podcast.

With so many great SW podcasts already out there, how could we make ours unique?  The last thing we wanted was to be some carbon copy (is that still a thing?) of some other show out there.  The answer was simple.  Our show would be unique because no other podcast featured our distinct personalities together.  We all have a lifelong love of Star Wars and we knew the listener would immediately recognize that.

What then should we call it?  We wanted it to be laid back.  We wanted everyone who was either a casual fan of Star Wars or the hardcore fanatic to feel welcome.  What could be more welcoming then a diner in the center of the galaxy?  Dex’s Diner was born.


Our approach to Dex’s Diner is to integrate our opinions of the SWU with those of the rest of the best fandom in the world.  We wholeheartedly believe every opinion matters and has the right to be heard.  That is why we continuously solicit the opinions of our fellow fans on our Twitter page and we include those in our conversation on the podcast.  Additionally if fans have other opinions they’d like to share with us, they can either send us a direct message on Twitter or e-mail us at

If you’d like to give us a listen, you can check out our pilot episode here.  Our aim is to record every week and we plan on releasing new episodes every Wednesday.  Every like, comment or share is highly appreciated.  We look forward for you to join us on this adventure and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.  And as always, may the Force be with you.


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